Minor update for Messenger Plus! 5

Yuna Software has released version 5.01 of the popular Messenger extension Messenger Plus!. Among a dozen bug fixes, a new feature has been activated: commands in the contact list.

Closing chat windows with MPOP

The other day I received a question from a Messenger user. They asked: “When I sign out on one endpoint or close a chat window there, it gets closed on all other endpoints as well. Is there a switch (registry or so?) to disable this behavior?”

It’s time for a change.

It is more than four years ago since I decided to use the nickname “mynetx”. Back then, I had my own network (my net). Later, I discovered: my nickname matches my web developer profession perfectly.

Is Zune’s future in danger?

When Microsoft announced the strategic partnership with Nokia last week, they also talked about the brands that both companies are going to share. It was remarkable that Zune is not one of them.

Long expected: Messenger Plus! 5 released

The newest update for the most prominent Windows Live Messenger extension, Messenger Plus! 5, has been released. It adds support for Messenger 2011 as well as minor enhancements and one major new feature: online chat logging.