This Week’s Thoughts: Facebook and Privacy

Not a single week is passing without talks about privacy problems at Facebook. Not surprising, as the problems happening don’t have to be big ones — privacy problems can arise even when everything works smoothly, from Facebook’s viewpoint. Worldwide, more than 400 million people are registered at Facebook. And all of them deliver data 24/7 to the U.S.-based social network — sometimes even without wanting to, and sometimes even data about friends or relatives that do not know about it and do not want it to happen.

iPad launches in Europe

Since yesterday, you can buy it in Germany and several other European countries: the iPad. Apple succeeds in making true what other manufacturers can only dream of: People flood stores and order a device for several hundred Euros—without knowing what the device can do.

This Week’s Thoughts: Securing your wireless network

Is a WLAN operator legally responsible for strangers connecting to his network and getting criminal? The Federal Court of Germany will decide on 12 May. Though, everybody should operate a secured wireless network — for your own interest and regardless of the court’s judgment.

This Week’s Thoughts: Tuning your browser

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Chrome – there is more than one program to surf the Web. Chances are high that you too have your favorite browser. Or even more than one. Many people don’t know: Each browser is extensible nowadays. You can download small add-ons and customize your personal surfboard. Here is how it works and which extensions are most useful.

CeBIT 2010: Some highlights

CeBIT in Hanover (Germany), it is still the largest computer trade fair worldwide, even with having shrunk in the past years – this year again with fewer exhibitors and fewer visitors. Some companies though have a CeBIT booth for the first time, like the Web gigant Google.

This Week’s Thoughts: Geo services on the Web

Where are you right now? That is a question you don’t have to ask many people, as they are constantly informing their friends and the whole world where they are, with geo-tagging services and their cell phone. That can be useful and intelligent, but also problematic.