Two years and counting!

Reading this, you might be a regular reader of my blog. Or a first-time visitor. You are probably interested in Windows Live. And perhaps you are using Windows (XP or 7) as your primary OS. Whatever is the case, I hope you stay connected with

Over the past 2 years, this site has grown from a small blog with few articles to a multilingual site with some 1,200 people visitors reading the articles every day. From a simple domain gift by my friend Joshua Atkins, has evolved to the center of my online life. I would never have foreseen this… and, to be honest, it would never have taken place without you, my readers. Thank you for being loyal readers!

When I wrote my first post in September 2008, I promised: “There is more interesting stuff to come than these lines.” This promise has surely come true, with me writing news stories about Wave 3, then Wave 4, in interviews with Messenger-related people, like Angus Logan (Microsoft), Kip Kniskern (, or Will Ingles (Messenger skinner, Design Evolved). It was thrilling getting to know so many different opinions and connecting with folks all over the world: from Canada to New Zealand, from Brazil to Shanghai.

You’re still there, reading? Great! Now comes your task. As always, I want to offer high quality content. To improve, I need your input: Tell me what you want to read, which topics you are interested, and of course, what you dislike in this website. Bluntly, shoot your opinion! I’m looking forward to read it.

The coming weeks will get interesting again. At the dawn, I can see Windows Live Wave 4, Messenger Plus! 5 as well as first information about Windows 8. As has always been, I will focus you and the benefits you draw from being attached to Windows Live. For the next two and more years!

Windows Live, enhanced.
— mynetx

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