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Tag: Communication

140 characters that change the world

11 November 2011
140 characters—that seems to be quite a limit for publishing a story. Yet, Twitter has changed how people communicate. Twitter Stories is a fine example for just that.

Microsoft buys Skype—but why, after all?

24 May 2011
Microsoft buys Skype—and pays some 8.5 billion dollars for the popular communication service, more than Facebook and Google have bid. At first glance, difficult to understand, as Skype is well-known for their free phone calls. However, they earn money nevertheless.

Google Buzz wants to become a social network

11 February 2010
With presenting a new product (well, a Gmail extension) on Tuesday evening (9 February 2010), Google has started a little revolution, most reporters and bloggers agree. Google Buzz is the name of the new service, integrated into Gmail and going with the social community trend.