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Tag: Sync

How to: Move the SkyDrive folder in Windows 8.1

22 December 2013
The cloud disk SkyDrive is tightly integrated into Windows 8.1. The cloud data are stored in the SkyDrive folder within your user profile. You’d rather want to save the data on a different disk, for example on a second hard disk? No problem: You can move the SkyDrive folder—if you know how.

File sync goes Final: Dropbox 1.0 released

18 December 2010
Fast synchronization of files to the Web, to Windows, Mac, Android and even the iPhone: Dropbox allows you to sync your files online and across your computers automatically. The development team has now published the long-awaited version 1.0 of its sync program.

Live Sync to be renamed Live Mesh

21 September 2010
The synchronization program Windows Live Sync is going to be renamed to Live Mesh. As part of the Windows Live Essentials suite of applications, Live Sync allows synchronizing folders and files across computers and more devices.

How-to: Set up Hotmail sync with your iPhone

3 September 2010
Synchronizing your Hotmail messages, contacts and calendar is getting easier, for example when using iPhone. Windows Live Hotmail is now compatible with the Exchange ActiveSync standard. Here is how to set this up.

But... I just wanted to sync some files!

3 November 2009
Yesterday I needed to set up an automatic backup system for files on 2 Windows servers. I figured out that Windows Live Sync might be good for - synchronizing files (well, yes :P). And as I never tested Sync throroughly yet, I figured out this was a good chance.

Windows Live Sync updated

23 October 2009
You can use Windows Live Sync to synchronize folders with multiple computers. The Sync team has released an update that fixes a compatibility problem with Windows EasyTransfer.