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Tag: Privacy

Privacy in Social Networks is bad

26 March 2010
In its biggest privacy research to date, Stiftung Warentest, the leading consumer product testing organisation in Germany, has attested bad marks to Facebook, Myspace & Co. Eight of ten checked social networks showed “remarkable” or “big” failures with data security or the users’ privacy protection.

Google Chrome: Soon without unique user ID

2 March 2010
Soon, Google’s browser Chrome will be available without unique user IDs. Until now, Google sends a unique ID for each installation to its update service.

This Week’s Thoughts: Geo services on the Web

26 February 2010
Where are you right now? That is a question you don’t have to ask many people, as they are constantly informing their friends and the whole world where they are, with geo-tagging services and their cell phone. That can be useful and intelligent, but also problematic.

Google Street View Germany: No legal issues anymore

24 February 2010
Referring to a new legal document, Google considers the Street View application for legally correct in Germany too. “Legally the service cannot be stopped anymore,” Google Germany’s legal advisor Arnd Haller stated at a press conference in Berlin on Tuesday.

What Facebook knows about non-members

4 February 2010
Often, Facebook knows non-members surprisingly well: Facebook is also collecting data about non-members—with the aid of the members.

Are your data safe? Firefox will show you.

3 February 2010
Many users wonder whether the wesite they just want to sign up will treat your private data sensitively. With the browser Firefox, the Mozilla Foundation wants to give an answer.

Facebook’s Privacy Model is Changing

2 December 2009
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced changed control features for protecting your privacy. In a letter shown on your profile page today, Zuckerberg is writing that users will be able to add privacy settings to each and every content that you create or upload, such as who may see the content.