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Tag: Privacy

Google+ pseudonyms soon allowed

21 October 2011
The social network Google+ will soon allow people to use pseudonyms. Until now, Google has enforced Google+ users to enter their real names.

How-to: Delete browsing data faster

28 March 2011
To delete browsing data, Internet Explorer requires you to click some menus to find the feature. But there is a not so well-known keyboard shortcut that opens the cleanup window quickly.

Google Analytics: In the focus of privacy advocates

3 February 2011
Protecting my privacy on the web is important for me. Nevertheless, I feel that the discussion around privacy on the Internet has heated up more and more in the last years – too much. Now, some privacy advocates even start claiming that the statistics service Google Analytics were illegal in Germany. But social networks and large web companies, like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more platforms get into the focus of privacy advocates quite often, too. Why?

Soon it gets easier to delete Flash cookies

15 January 2011
Until now, deleting Flash cookies was a hard task to solve for many users. Adobe has announced to extend its Flash player so users can control and delete Flash cookies. To achieve this goal, Adobe cooperates with all important browser creators.

7 Golden Rules for Instant Messaging

19 December 2010
When I read about hyperlinks being blocked in Messenger 2009 the other day, I just thought: Well, this would not have been necessary if more chat users would watch out and use common sense while talking with others over the Web. This week, the antivirus company ESET published 7 golden rules for instant messaging.

Google: Use encrypted search

2 October 2010
Everything you enter at Google is unencrypted. For encrypting all search terms and receiving encrypted search results, you have to call Google with a special web address.

How-to: Turn off Office 2010 error reporting

28 September 2010
While you work with your Office apps, Word, Excel and the likes take note of how you are using them. In regular intervals, Office is transmitting these usage data to Microsoft. You would rather not want to submit these data? You can turn that off.

Twitter is forced to enhance data privacy

26 June 2010
After investigation of several incidents, the U.S. trade authority FTC is forcing the micro-blogging service Twitter to apply better security standards.

Dark clouds arise against Google

22 June 2010
Google faces a harsh wind because of its data collection maniacs. Multiple US federal states want to work together to find out how the company has violated laws by recording unencrypted wireless connections.

Google Maps shows German street photos

17 June 2010
Although Project Street View by the web gigant Google has been halted temporarily in Germany, Google Maps starts to display street photos. The feature has been activated in Germany too.