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Tag: Chat

Google Talk now knows AIM users, too

28 May 2011
It has always been possible to chat with your AIM buddies directly from Gmail, but you needed your own AOL network account for this feature. You don't need such anymore — AIM contacts can be added directly.

Skype: Hotfix update against login problems

27 May 2011
A new Skype client for Windows users helps with login problems. A Mac OS X version is coming soon, too. With the new hotfix versions, users can spare the manual solution of the recent login problem.

Facebook Messages merges e-mail, SMS and chat

16 November 2010
Unlike expected, Facebook has not unveiled a new webmail service competitive to Gmail. Instead, we will see a new inbox generation, combining messages from different channels, among them e-mail and SMS. Thereby, the recipient decides how messages should reach him.

How-to: Enable Facebook Chat in Messenger 2011 (Wave 4)

3 September 2010
One of the most interesting additions to Messenger in its recent Wave 4 Beta refresh is the ability to chat with your friends on Facebook right from within Messenger itself. How can you combine your Messenger and Facebook contact lists?

New Facebook Chat version will cut off IE6

26 August 2010
From 15 September onwards, the social network Facebook is cutting off users still browsing the platform with the outdated Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 browser. The reason is that a new chat system is introduced.

Gmail with new features, taken from Labs

25 February 2010
Google’s e-mail service has received some new features. However, they are not completely new, you could already use all of them via Labs. Now they are integrated into regular Gmail, while some features have been removed from Labs.